HI, Gregg Newsom

Gregg Newsom has an extensive background working in the IT industry. This is with both large and small companies, and his own previous consulting company.

Combining this IT background and his 10 years of PMP experience, he has helped companies save millions of dollars with his ability to spot inefficiencies and tweak networks and E-commerce platforms.

Now working with a team of other dedicated coaches, Gregg is able to help businesses large and small or individuals realize with his coaching skills, and understanding of about every E-commerce platform known, he helps clients achieve increase revenue from 50 percent to 100 percent or more.

Although the ultimate work is done by clients, they seek out Gregg as a coach since he can help them learn what is needed to instead of making the normal 2.7 percent increase in revenue with opening an Ecommerce store, they can make substantially more.

Gregg knows from his decades of experience there are lots of platforms and software a client can purchase. He has done the hard work filtering through this and knows what is best for his clients. It is a challenge in that each is different. Then some are LLPs, or corporations, where even more focus is needed.

He has been blessed with having great mentors in the past and currently. His goal is to help clients realize they can achieve the 50 to 100 percent or more increase in revenue by his tweaking Ecommerce platforms, knowing what products are best to sell and helping clients understand optimization and the process of going from scratch to a fully setup Ecommerce solution in 8 weeks.

Unlike many Ecommerce coaches he starts with having his clients focus on a Business plan and progresses logically each week, so they learn and then are some of the few that actually make money with their Ecommerce solution.

More advanced classes will be available for businesses with existing Ecommerce stores already setup, yet not realizing the increase in revenue they expected.